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Check this out. Survival. Mojo Meeting alternative. One night only.

This Wednesday night the 5th at 7:30 PM.

Alobar is an old hippie who reads Tarot cards in New Orleans. He stayed for Hurricane Katrina, then was forced to evacuate when food water ran out. Only there were no buses at the evacuation point (the Convention Center). When he attempted to leave the evacuation point, he was told he would be shot if he did not remain there. No food, water, medical atention, or police protection was available for several days. Most people down where Alobar was (in a parking garage 3 blocks from the Convention center) worked together to form small family groups, and build larger communities. People foraged for food & water, policed their own communities, and survived. Alobar has observations on what made it difficult for some to keep up good spirits, and what helped others to do so. Alobar also has about 45 minutes of video footage.

"The class should take 3-4 hours. Part of the class will be a showing of the ~40 minutes of video I shot. I encourage you to take notes and ask questions. I will not deal much with what the government did or did not do properly. This class is about survival, not political criticism."

Because he is trying to live w/o the need of an external job, he is taking donations, but don't let that stop you from coming to hear what he has to say if you can't afford to give anything. He just wants the info out there.

Anyone planning to attend class should be sure to eat beforehand as NO refreshments will be served. Likewise, I strongly suggest bringing a bottle of water.

This will be held at sheilagh's place. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you directions.
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